PROGR Aula & PROGR Inner Courtyard

  Speichergasse 4, 3011 Bern

In the heart of the festival grounds in PROGR Kulturzentrum, the scenic room of the Aula promises an unforgettable film experience.

The center of the festival is filled with food stands, bars and the circus tent this year. You`ll find the info | accreditation desk as well as ticketing.


  Kornhausplatz 18, 3011 Bern

Located right above the renowned Granary (Kornhauskeller) in the center of Bern, the Kornhausforum (Granary Forum) opens its doors wide for shnit 2018.

Theater am Käfigturm

  Spitalgasse 4, 3011 Bern

Established in 1967, this renowned theater in the heart of the city also is home to great short films between October 18-22.


  Spitalgasse 44, 3011 Bern

Right next to the Bern’s train station is the majestic church of the Holy Spirit.

Stadttheater Mansarde Bern

  Kornhausplatz 20, 3011 Bern

Located in Bern’s old town, the Stadttheater Mansade hosts a variety of events.

Kino REX

  Schwanengasse 9, 3011 Bern

This independent movie theater reopened its doors in September 2015 and became a shnit festival screening location.

Hotel Schweizerhof Bern

  Bahnhofplatz 11, 3001 Bern

A beautiful hotel located next to the main railway station, Hotel Schweizerhof Bern hosts shnit’s press conference and is premium hotel partner of the festival.

Grosse Halle

  Neubrückstrasse 8, 3012 Bern

The Grosse Halle is located at the Reitschule Bern. shnit is proud to happen in one of the hottest cultural hotspots in Berne.

Kino in der Reitschule

  Neubrückstrasse 8, 3012 Bern

The Kino in der Reitschule is the place where shnit happened for the first time 2003. And it’s still one of our most beloved venues 🙂